About G2K

Why should I choose to study at G2K?

G2K’s comprehensive curriculum was developed by experienced international professionals in the fields of language research and teaching, and focuses on listening, speaking, pronunciation and culture throughout. Our teachers have been trained extensively in-house with our own curriculum and techniques, and receive ongoing professional development.

Could you tell me information about your classes or program? What do you offer?

We offer 4 main study options:
Full-time (mornings for 4 weeks)
Part-time (2 afternoons per week for 8 weeks)
Evening (1 or 2 evenings per week for 8 weeks)
KickStart Khmer Basics (afternoons for 2 weeks)

We also offer:
Short courses on a variety of topics
Cultural orientation for individuals or groups/ teams
Bespoke courses for short-term teams

See our Types of Study page for more information.

Does G2K only teach language, or will I learn about Khmer culture too?

Culture is an integral part of the curriculum in all G2K’s courses due to the strong link with culture in the Khmer language, with increased emphasis as you progress through your studies.

Are there any out of class/ social activities for students?

Most Full-time levels include at least one class trip, for example to a market or other cultural activity. Other social activities happen throughout the year, and students are encouraged to attend.

Could I observe a class in action?

Yes! Please get in touch and we can arrange this. Please detail your current Khmer language level/ experience so that we can arrange an appropriate level for you to observe.

Do you offer evening/weekend classes?

We have two evening course options available depending on whether you are a beginner or intermediate learner. Read about each option on our Types of Study page.

We do not currently offer weekend classes.

Do teachers use English or Khmer in the classroom? I am not a native English speaker – will I struggle in class?

The classroom language is Khmer. Our teachers work with native speakers of many different languages, and use tools and techniques in the classroom that generally do not require students to understand English. Some teaching materials use small amounts of written English, but have been developed in such a way that they should be easily understood regardless of your English proficiency. English is our main administrative language (along with Khmer), however we make every effort to support all students with study, admin or finance questions.  G2K students are also quickly able to administer their studies in Khmer.

Studying at G2K

How do I register as a student?

You can register via our online booking form found here.

I have studied Khmer previously – can I join G2K?

We would be happy to welcome you as a student. G2K will assess your level and advise which class you should join. Free placement tests are available by appointment, subject to availability. Please email info@G2K.asia or fill out our online booking form to make an appointment. 

When will my class start?

We publish our schedules online and at our school. There are usually 10 intakes per year:

  • full-time and evening (beginner) classes start every 4-5 weeks
  • part-time (all Levels) and evening (beginner & intermediate) classes start every 8-9 weeks

Please ask at the school or email info@G2K.asia if you have questions.

Are there any differences in the curriculum for Full-time/ Part-time/ Evening classes?

In our Levels program each study type aims to teach roughly the same content. But because each study type includes a different amount of contact hours (Full-time is 60 hours, Part-time is 48 hours and Evening is 16 or 32 hours), they cannot be exactly the same in terms of content. The difference in price reflects this.

For Levels 1 to 3 the core content of vocabulary and grammar is basically the same across all module types. But there is less time spent on review in the Part-time and Evening (Level 3 only) classes.

Full-time and Part-time have exactly the same content from Level 4 up. The only difference is that Part-time classes do not have the weekly review and culture lesson.

The Evening Levels 4 to 6 do not cover literacy. Basic literacy is covered in a separate course in the evenings.

Our Kickstart Khmer Evening program is designed for people who have a busy schedule – our students have the flexibility to attend class from anywhere, just one evening per week. It was created by selecting key content from Levels 1 and 2 of our Levels program and uses the same proven teaching methods and international quality curriculum. The program focuses on key language and cultural insights to help you in everyday situations.

How many hours per day/ week will I study? 

Full time classes run Monday to Friday mornings from 8.30am – 12pm, including 2 short breaks.

Part time classes run 2 afternoons per week from 1.30pm and finish at 5pm, including breaks – either on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday depending on your class.

Evening classes run from 6 – 8pm on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays depending on your class.

Please get in touch if you have questions about which days your part time or evening class will run on.

How quickly can I complete my studies?

G2K runs 10 full time intakes and 5 part time intakes per year. It is possible to complete your full-time studies within 1 year, and part time in less than 2 years, although we do recommend taking a break part way through.

Who would I be studying with?

Our students are diverse in nationality and purpose in Cambodia. They work for NGO’s, schools, church/ mission organisations, international agencies, private businesses or simply have a personal interest in learning Khmer.

How many students will be in my class? Do you have a maximum number?

G2K aims to offer you the best learning environment. In-person classes will have a maximum of 11 students and online classes will have a maximum of 8 students. This allows for more personalised support and interaction within class.

Does G2K offer any topic-based courses?

We have a range of topic-based courses available. For the latest list of courses and available dates please check our Topic-Based Courses page.

Does G2K have private tutors available?

G2K can occasionally offer private tutoring on a 1-2-1 or small group basis; where capacity is available. Private tutoring is not available outside G2K or in your home. Please contact us for more information.

How much do I have to study at home?

Home study is built into the curriculum, and varying levels of homework or guided learning is issued throughout courses. Committing new language to memory requires practice, and we recommend all students use their new vocabulary as often as possible – whether with friends, neighbours, co-workers or simply just in day-to-day life. We offer tools and support to help you do this. Students can also book practice & support sessions with our teachers to assist in using your learning in structured and ‘real life’ conversations. Our teachers know what you have been studying and can help you practice and build confidence.

What do I need to bring to class?

Just yourself, a notebook and a pen! We’ll let you know if you need anything else based on specific activities or trips etc.

What resources do you provide to help my learning?

G2K will provide all classroom resources, and also has online wordlists, audio and other study materials available to support you in your studies.

How is my progress assessed?

Teachers assess progress on an ongoing basis, both informally and with tests. Students studying in the Levels program will be tested at the end of each module, and must pass before moving to the next level.

Are there breaks between modules?

There is usually a few days break between modules, often over a long weekend. The school does observe many Cambodian national holidays, which often allows for longer breaks within your existing module or between modules. For holiday dates, please check your class schedule available here.

How does online study work?

Online classes are conducted via Zoom, class materials, homework and feedback are distributed via Google Classroom. Class materials are distributed digitally. You will need to print these in advance of each class. If you do not have your own printer, low-cost printing is generally available at print shops across Cambodia.

Changes to your studies

Can I start full-time and change to part time later (or vice versa)?

When needs change we aim to support students to continue their studies, and it is possible to move from Full-time to Part-time, or vice versa when you go to your next Level as the curriculum is largely the same. However, it may not always be possible to accommodate students wishing to move if the class they wish to join is already full, or if for any reason is not running on the desired dates. If you know this may apply to you, let us know when you join, or as soon as possible, and we’ll try to do all we can to help.

I’m returning home for a period/ planning a trip, can I take a break from studies?

Yes, however, it may not always be possible to accommodate students wishing to re-join if the class they wish to join is already full, or if for any reason is not running on the desired dates. If you know this may apply to you, let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll try to do all we can to help.

I will need to take a short break in the middle of my module – should I still start it?

Yes, but please let us know as soon as possible so that we can work with you to find the best way to support you to complete your module.

Admin and Finance

How much does it cost to study at G2K?

Our fees vary depending on the amount of classroom hours your course contains. We publish our fees online here and at our school, but please ask at the school or email info@G2K.asia if you have questions.

Part-time classes are cheaper than Full-time – why is this?

The part-time curriculum has been adapted to allow students to study over less classroom hours, and the fees charged reflect this.

Do you require a deposit?

Our classes can fill up early, so to secure a place we request a non-refundable deposit payable in advance, with the remaining balance fully paid upon arrival for classes. Deposit amounts vary based on your course and can be found in our fees document.

How can I pay for my classes? Do you accept credit cards?

Local bank transfer/ QR code payment is preferred. However, G2K also accepts cash, Visa and Mastercard credit/ debit cards (2% surcharge applies), WING, or international transfer/ Western Union if overseas.

Please get in touch if you require details to send a digital payment, however please be aware that only the amount received will be credited to your G2K account/s. Deductions by your bank or payment provider for fees or currency conversion may leave a balance, which we will request upon arrival for classes. To mitigate this, please ensure payments are sent in USD and all relevant fees are paid by the sender.

Are discounts available if both my spouse / partner / child/ parent and I study at G2K? 

Yes. A 5% discount is available for each family member when making payment at the same time. Further terms apply to this offer, and it is subject to change without notice – please ask for details.

I represent a company or organisation, can we also access discounts?

G2K is the language partner of choice for many different types of organisation in Cambodia, and we would be excited to talk with you about your needs also.