General Information

We keep our classes small, with a maximum of 11 students in each in-person class and 8 students in each online class. This helps students have a more personal learning experience, and our teachers ensure that all students are making progress.

We offer 4 main study options:
Full-time (mornings for 4 weeks)
Part-time (2 afternoons per week for 8 weeks)
Evening (1 or 2 evenings per week for 8 weeks)
KickStart Khmer Basics (afternoons for 2 weeks)

We also offer:
Topic-based courses on a variety of subjects
Cultural orientation for individuals or groups/ teams
Bespoke courses for short-term teams

See Our Courses for more information about each study option and our teaching Levels.

In-person class learning Khmer at G2K



G2K offers a comprehensive learning program developed by language professionals, and our teachers are highly trained in our own teaching approaches. Our students also participate in regular class-based activities and end-of-class assessments/ progress tracking.

Our group learning courses offer incredible value and consistent results, and many organisations make study at G2K a requirement for their new international team members.


We offer excellent customer service, and have a dedicated Customer Services Team available to assist existing and potential students. We also work closely with many organisations as their language partner, offering reliable teaching solutions, whether students join our existing classes, or have bespoke training needs.

Our students love us!

We aim to make learning fun and engaging and our students learn well – that’s why most of our students find us through recommendations from their friends, colleagues or their employer.


When you choose G2K, you join a community of learners from all over the world. Our students have a wide range of backgrounds and reasons for being in Cambodia, and many make useful contacts and lasting friendships.

Our approach

We operate a social business model, with any profits re-invested in developing and growing our team and what we are able to offer our students. We aim to be an excellent and respectful employer, and offer generous financial, healthcare, social and time-off benefits to all staff.

We’re legal!

Gateway to Khmer is registered as a school with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport (#2781) and as a business with the Ministry of Commerce (#00021814). We have strong ethics, have appropriate financial policies and oversight, and pay all required taxes.

Three students talk with their Khmer teacher at G2K


Everyone is welcome at G2K. Our students come from all over the world, and have a wide variety of roles in Cambodia. While many work for NGO’s, schools, and church/ mission organisations, others work for international agencies, private businesses or simply have a personal interest in learning Khmer.

We aim to make our teaching available to all, regardless of background, ability or native language.


Our Approach

G2K focuses on listening, speaking, pronunciation and culture throughout all levels, and we believe our students learn better, faster. Our core programme develops and builds on students’ skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing as they progress. We start with speaking and listening, with a strong focus on pronunciation to enable students to settle and begin communicating as soon as possible. Students will progress to the other core skills as their proficiency grows.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Khmer has the largest actively used alphabet in the world, and uses many sounds that are not common in other languages. G2K uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as a framework to assist teaching and learning of these sounds. Students do not need to know IPA already, and it is used until Level 6 only.

What is included

Our prices include all materials, class-based tuition, homework, access to our online resources, any in-class trips and activities, and your end-of-course assessments.

We also organise cultural days/ social activities at various times throughout the year, which are generally open to all students (past and present) and their families. Any additional costs for these will be clearly advertised.