KickStart: Khmer Basics

KickStart: Khmer Basics is a two week fun and engaging course that will give you all the basics that you need to thrive during your time in Cambodia, whether you’re here long or short term.

Learn how to shop, get around the city, greetings and a lot of other basic skills.

Foundations Topic-based courses

Foundations: Healthcare 

(G2K Level 6 or equivalent required)

Do you want to have conversations with people in your community about their health?
Do you work in healthcare, social services, or plan to work in rural or community-based settings?
This course is designed for anyone in contact with Khmer people who may have health-related questions or issues – whether for your work, or in conversations with friends, colleagues and neighbours.
The course covers the following, and more: basic health vocabulary and illnesses; asking and answering health related questions; advocating for patients at healthcare facilities; describing symptoms; how to take medication; nutrition; pregnancy.

Foundations: Christian Studies 1 & 2

(G2K Level 6 or equivalent required)

CS1This course is a general introduction to Christian Khmer vocabulary. You will learn how to pray, give your testimony in Khmer and learn 5 popular Khmer worship songs.

CS2With your teacher and classmates you will discuss bridges and barriers to the gospel, Khmer beliefs around the spirit world and understanding honour/ shame cultures.

Basic Literacy 

(G2K Level 3 or equivalent required)
This course is offered subject to demand. Please contact us for dates and availability.

This course is an excellent introduction into Khmer literacy. Learn the alphabet, how letters join together to make words and some key sight-words (recognizing words when you see them). In 10 weeks we can get you reading. You just need to have a basic level of speaking and listening – G2K Level 3 or equivalent. 

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